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Phantom of the Opera…yes it’s a book too.

August 1, 2011

So, there are so many of you out there that that are into gothic romance, or the so called supernatural romance. Don’t deny it; why do you think the Twilight Saga is so popular? Even one of my favorite YA novels: Beastly, is found, at Barnes and Noble, in the supernatural romance section. That’s right; they have a specific place for that. However, these ideas are not new, the idea of a gothic romance is an old time classic. This is why I would recommend for you gothic romance book lovers to check out Phantom of the Opera.

You’re saying: “Whaaa??? That’s a book? I thought it was just a movie with my man Gerard Butler.” Well, though it is a movie, it’s actually a movie based off the musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber which is based off the book by Gaston Leroux. And you should thank Mr. Leroux for writing it; he normally wrote mystery novels, and he took a risk on this. And though his fans hated it, it’s the timeless classic that endures. And it gets better! Your library just so happens to have this book. I know, best news you heard all day? So, go ahead, check it out! And all the while, as your reading it, you can thank Leroux for giving your favorite Spartan a singing role.