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Manga Art Contest for Teens

September 2, 2009
Quad-Cities Libraries and the Figge Art Museum are organizing the second annual Teen Anime Fest and Manga Art Show.
Young artists, ages 12-18, are invited to submit their original artwork drawn in manga or comic book style. All different mediums (paint, pencil, graphic design, etc.) can be used.
Artists should submit the artwork and entry form to their local library.  Click here for a printable entry form and other Anime Fest details.

 Submissions will be accepted Sept. 1st – Oct. 10th, 2009

Entries can also be emailed to  Only two entries per person will be accepted.  Depending on the number of entries, we may choose to display only one of each person’s works.  For more information contact your local library.

Entries will be on display in the Figge Art Museum during the 2nd Annual Teen Anime Fest on Sunday, October 18th from 12-4.  There will be a $5 admission fee to enter the Fest at the Figge. 

Don’t miss this one of a kind opportunity to have your artwork on display in the Figge Art Museum.  It’ll definitely be something worth telling your grandkids about someday.


2nd Annual Teen Anime Fest!

September 1, 2009

Anime Fest 2009 

Sunday, October 18th    12-4 p.m. 

@ the Figge Art Museum

Figge Art Museum

Quad-Cities Libraries and the Figge Art Museum are organizing the second annual Teen Anime Fest and Manga Art Show!

Libraries Together


  • An area for swapping manga & anime.
  • A cosplay mask creation station
  • A cosplay cat ear and tail creation station
  • Japanese tea served by Mojo’s
  • Candy sushi making
  • Sales booth of your favorite manga & anime supplied by Borders


  • Viewing of episodes of our favorite anime
  • A martial arts demonstration by the John Morrow–Academy of Martial Arts


  • Anime Music Video Contest (Max entries is 2 & please bring the URL’s of your videos. Please keep them PG-13)
  • Cosplay contest (feel free to wear your costume to the event)
  • Art contest

Look for all the Manga Art Contest details/entry forms in tomorrow’s post. 


Holy Mangariffic Animania!

March 2, 2009

Look What We’ve got at the Fairmount St. Library now:  Otaku USA Magazine!

Otaku USA

If you’re an Anime/Manga fan then you’re in for a treat.  You can now check out one of the hottest magazines around from the Fairmount St. Library.  And if it’s not on the shelf when you go looking, you can always place a reserve on it and we’ll notify you when it comes in.  Pretty simple.  Pretty cool.  Want to know more about Otaku USA?  Check out the following details pulled from their website:

Otaku USA Magazine
Otaku USA is a thick, full-color magazine featuring comprehensive yet ultra-creative coverage of manga, anime, videogames and Japanese pop culture written from an American point of view. Published by Sovereign Media, the people who launched SCI FI, the official magazine of the Sci Fi channel, Otaku USA calls on Sovereign’s knowledge of the passionate nich media marrketplace. Each issue of Otaku USA will be filled with coverage of the hottest new Manga, Anime releases, computer and board games, along with all the latest pop culture trnds and happenings right now in Japan.

Otaku USA also publishes 32 pages of the hottest manga previews and sample chapters from the top publishers, plus a full color, 2-sided oversize poster. Plus, every issue comes with an online entry code allowing you to access 2-3 full-length anime episodes, plus anime and game trailers, game demos, previews, and more! Each issue is over 150 pages, oversized at 9″ x 10 7/8″, glossy, big, brash, and colorful!

Because Otaku USA is an independant US magazine, not a licensed product owned by those with an vested interest in a particular line of comics, anime, manga, games or movies, it presents the American with objective coverage. Otaku USA has the freedom to publish what’s hot in America regardless of the publisher or producer.

Web Otaku
WEB OTAKU USA ( is the online component of Otaku USA magazine, and is the perfect compliment to the magazine.

WEB OTAKU provides in-depth coverage by expanding on stories in the magazine, along with daily updates of what’s hot in Japanese pop culture, additional manga chapters, game coverage, interviews with artists and writers too extensive to fit in print pages, writing contests, drawing contests, web-only reviews and tips, reader forums and an online community program, bringing an immediacy to the market that has never before been seen.

Otaku USA is a true hybrid, an entity larger than any one medium.

furry gloves***Also, DPL’s Anime Club is tomorrow night at the Fairmount St. Library starting at 5:30.  Last month we made furry gloves.  This time around it’s ears and tails!  Don’t miss it.


Get Your Game On Featured Player: Bailey

February 10, 2009

@ Anime Fest 2008It’s been kind of awhile since we posted a featured player, but we’re gonna give it another go.  First up this time:  Bailey.  Bailey rocks!  She always participates in lots of programs at the library and even won an award at the Manga drawing contest/Anime Fest we had at the Figge Art Museum.  I also saw her make a few appearances last summer as Showtime Pal in Junior Theater’s weekly performances at the Fairmount St. Library.  So, let’s get to know a bit more about Bailey, shall we?

Fave book:  “Anything manga that isn’t inappropriate (Oh, the irony), and Twilight series, and also Hunger Games, too.”

Random facts about you:  *Laughs* “I’m always random. I have a happy dance when I eat, and I learned how to answer the phone in  Japanese the other day.  Favorite colors are purple and black.  I want to start my own webshow called  ‘According to Roxas.’  As in Roxas from Kingdom Hearts II.  I cosplay a lot.”

How much is a lot?:  “Umm, whenever I feel like it, I guess.”

What do you like best about the library?:  “Everything.  Dude, it’s amazing.”

What do you want to be when you grow up?:  “Manga artist…hopefully that turns into anime.  If that fails, then an artist or writer.”

Where do you most want to travel to?:  “London or Japan.”

Most favorite videogames to play?:  “Kingdom Hearts and Soul Calibur IV.  Also, DDR and Singstar.  I forgot to mention those.”

Favorite animal cracker to munch on?:  “I don’t know what kind I just ate.  I think it was this buffalo looking thing.”

Was it good?:  “Yes.  Immensely.”

Edward…:  “What?”

Edward…:  “Yes!!! XD” *drools* “Sorry…”

Howling Contest WinnerAnd on that note…here’s a pic of Bailey at the Twilight Party we held last November.  It shows her with the Twilight Soundtrack she won for being the howling contest winner!  That’s right, she won the howling contest.  Jacob would be so proud. BAILEY:  “But I like EDWARD!”

American Born Chinese

January 19, 2009


American Born Chinese by Gene Luen Yang

Winner of the 2007 Printz Award—an American Library Association award given to the best young adult literature of the year— and a National Book Award Finalist, Yang’s graphic novel American Born Chinese is utterly stunning. His exploration of Asian American identity blends three wildly divergent plotlines: a Chinese legend of the Monkey King –


A realistic story of a young Asian American boy struggling to make friends and find acceptance in school –


And a third story about an American boy painfully ashamed of his Chinese cousin, a cousin who embodies all the worst stereotypes imaginable –


The stories are engrossing, and the way that they are deftly brought together is seamless and remarkable. The artwork is clean and deceptively simple, effectively drawing attention to the important issues Yang raises.  This book is a must-read for anyone who enjoys thought-provoking graphic novels, such as Maus or Persepolis, and a great book for all of us struggling to find our places in the world.

– Sam

With the Light by Keiko Tobe

December 30, 2008

HikaruKeiko Tobe’s With the Light, set in modern day Japan, is a truly gorgeous story that will fill you with joy and compassion.  As you walk through the struggles, pain, laughter, triumphs, and unwavering love that a mother experiences while coming to grips with the realization that her first born child is autistic and see all that she has to go through raising him, you find yourself emotionally invested and always curious for more as the author manages to hook you into the world of Hikaru, the young autistic boy.  It is unequivocally awe-inspiring to see how Sachiko, the amazing mother, is able to provide the best for her son even in the face of such adverse situations and with, at times, little to no emotional support from those closest to her.

manga!I’d highly recommend this read to anyone in 7th grade or higher, even adults…especially adults!   I say that because Tobe’s tale is a Japanese graphic novel (more commonly known as manga) and it is a perfect “gateway book” for those who are unfamiliar with graphic novels, yet still a bit curious about them.  Manga is a wildly popular genre right now and yields a highly favorable response from reluctant readers.  The novels are read from back to front and Tobe’s four volume set has great intros and tips on exactly how to best follow them, which is wonderful for those who are new to the genre.  With the Light also has lots of extra factual tid-bits strewn throughout the story about autism in general, where you can find support, as well as how it fits into certain aspects of modern Japanese culture.

With The LightSo, if you’re an adult and don’t understand why the teen you know ALWAYS has their nose buried in a book that they seem to be reading backwards, then you need to investigate for yourself.  Check out a manga!  Not only will you be able to connect to your teen in a whole new fashion but you might find that you really appreciate the art form, too.  Or if you’re a manga-loving teen and find that your parents just don’t understand, give them a copy and see what happens.  You can’t go wrong if you choose With the Light.  Place your hold today!