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Teen Review: Lily’s Pesky Plant

August 2, 2011

Title:  Lily’s Pesky Plant

Authors:  Kirsten Larsen and Judith Clarke

Review:  I am going to tell you about Lily’s Pesky Plant.  I think it is really good.  First, Lily wakes up and gets dressed.  Then she goes downstairs to eat.  Then she goes outside to go take care of her plants.  Finally she goes in the forest where she finds a seed.  So she takes it home and plants it to find out what it is.  The next day she saw her plant and it grew a lot.  Lily’s friend Iris had never seen a plant like it, and she knows all about plants.  Together they helped it grow.  It was so ugly everybody made fun of it.  Then it grew bigger the next day.  Then when Lily went downstairs people started to sneeze.  It was from the plant.  The next day it grew fruit.  It tasted like lemonade.  If you want to know more read this book.

Teen Reviewer:  Adrianna

***A big thanks to Adrianna for submitting another review!  Now we want to know all about this lemonade tasting fruit.  Yummo!!  The Summer Reading program ends this Thursday so get your logs turned in soon.  Remember, any teen who turns in a book review can add 75 points towards their grand total.  That’ll definitely help teens reach the goal quicker AND get them even closer to winning some fab prizes.  Read on.