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Best YA of 2013, Part One

December 17, 2013








It’s that time of year again!  “Best Of” lists are everywhere, and the staff here at DPL want to share some of our favorite YA books we read this year.

Lexie‘s choice is one of last year’s Printz Award honorees: Code Name Verity by Elizabeth Wein.  “It’s best to go into this not knowing much, but here’s what I can tell you: this is the story of female pilots during World War II, one of whom has just been captured by the Nazis.  Under threat of torture, she is writing her confession of classified information to her captor.  This is an amazing story of friendship and strength, and it is so suspenseful and engaging that once I started it I couldn’t put it down even for one single second.”

Amanda has a recommendation for audio book listeners: “The Diviners by Libba Bray (audiobook) was the book that made me fall in love with audiobooks.  I was already a huge Libba Bray fan (Going Bovine and Beauty Queens are two of my favorite books), but I was blown away by what reader, January LaVoy did with this already entertaining read.  I can’t wait until the next book in the series, Lair of Dreams, comes out (next August!)”

Liza‘s pick is one that has been incredibly popular with the librarians here at DPL: Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell.  “I liked it because it was honest and truthful and didn’t pull any punches.  The book made me want to read faster than possible to gobble up the text while also making me want to slow down and savor the book while I had the chance.  I look forward to reading many more books by Rowell.”

Ann chose one of my favorites of the year, Rainbow Rowell’s second book of 2013, Fangirl:  “It’s sweet without being saccharine, witty and felt very real.  I also thought it felt very modern yet timeless – Cath’s obsession with her fandom and connections (and fame) she makes via the internet because of it are very 2013, but the emotions created from changes like falling in love, losing your best friend and learning becoming your own person are universal.”

Check back later this week for even more of our favorite reads from this year!

Cover Face-Off: The Diviners

September 18, 2013


Hmmm, I can’t decide which cover I like better for Libba Bray’s newest hit novel, The Diviners.  Here’s the blurb: “Seventeen-year-old Evie O’Neill is thrilled when she is exiled from small-town Ohio to New York City in 1926, even when a rash of occult-based murders thrusts Evie and her uncle, curator of The Museum of American Folklore, Superstition, and the Occult, into the thick of the investigation.”

I think I like the original (left) better.  The colors pop and I like the city in the background.  But then again, I like the shadows in the newer one, it definitely fits in with the lurking vibe of the book.  Which one do you like better?  Sound off in the comments!

*book description from publisher

And the 2010 Printz Award Goes To…

January 30, 2010

And the 2010 Printz Award goes to…Going Bovine by Libba Bray.

Yeah, the Libba Bray our very own Amber featured in a recent YAuthorStalker post.  (Yay, Amber!)  Yeah, also the Libba Bray featured in this particular Happy Friday post where I kinda talked a bit of smack about how her vid was cool but didn’t really make me want to read her Going Bovine book.  Well, the Printz Award (the Michael L. Printz Award for excellence in literature written for young adults, to be exact) is pretty much like one of the most prestigious YA Awards out there.  Looks as if someone should cut back on the smack and take a look at the book.  Will do, will do.  You should read it, too!  (Ok, enough with the rhyming…)

According to its catalog record Going Bovine, summarized, is as follows:  Cameron Smith, a disaffected sixteen year-old who, after being diagnosed with Creutzfeld Jakob’s (aka mad cow) disease, sets off on a road trip with a death-obsessed video gaming dwarf he meets in the hospital in an attempt to find a cure.

Did someone say death-obsessed video gaming dwarf?  What more can one hope for in a book?  Check it out.

Four Printz Honor Books were also named:

Charles and Emma: The Darwins’ Leap of Faith by Deborah Heiligman

The Monstrumologist by Rick Yancey

Punkzilla by Adam Rapp

Tales of the Madman Underground: An Historical Romance, 1973 by John Barnes

A sincere congrats to Libba Bray and her well deserved success!  Kinda bummed Adam Rapp didn’t win, though, because I’m a HUGE fan.  Plus, I’ve never talked smack about him.


YAuthor Stalkering Tuesday: Libba Bray

January 12, 2010

So where can you find all that YAuthor information? RIGHT HERE because it’s YAuthor Stalking Tuesday! Learn about your favorite authors, have a chat with them and then share your YAuthor adventures. This week is the snarky and fantastic Libba Bray!

Libba BrayAuthor: Libba Bray
Books: The Gemma Doyle Trilogy (A Great and Terrible Beauty, Rebel Angels, and A Sweet Far Thing), Going Bovine, The Restless Dead, Up All Night, 21 Proms, and Vacations from Hell.
Bio (probably my favorite Author Bio Ever):
Awards: 2007 IOWA HIGH SCHOOL BOOK AWARD!!! I’m sure she has won lots of other awards that aren’t nearly as local.

Amber’s Libba Bray Adventure:
Libba Bray visited the Iowa City Public Library in October 2007 while in-town for the Iowa Library Association’s conference (where she received the Iowa High School Book Award!). I had not read any of her books, but I went to see her anyway because I could tell she was awesome. Libba answered lots of questions and read passages of A Sweet Far Thing off her laptop (which was then unreleased) which blew my mind thinking that her entire book was just sitting there as a Word document—gahhh I write more than a five page paper in Word and my eyes start to bleeeeeeeed. Then I got into the really long line to have my free poster signed (since I didn’t have any of her books), and asked her to make it out to “Information Ninjas” –a term my library friend had been using lately. Well, this is Libba Bray, right? So she took that and exploded it, writing on and on about about how in awe she was of our mad ninja information-gathering skills, etc etc. “OMG I heart Libba Bray!” says me. So I went out and bought her book the next day and took it to the ILA conference so she could sign that for me, too. I don’t have any pictures to prove it, but I did find this awesome photo of a USB drive that looks like a Shuriken throwing star!–totally something an Information Ninja would use.

Information Ninja from Geek Stuff 4 UHave you met Libba Bray? Do you have a YAuthor Adventure to share? Email Amber and we might post it on a YAuthor Stalking Tuesday!

Going Bovine

November 13, 2009

I’m putting this vid up because I’m thinking maybe it will make you want to read Going Bovine by the ever popular YA author Libba Bray.

To be honest, it doesn’t really make me want to read the book, but it does kinda make me want be a YA author when I grow up. 

Where else are you going to get paid for choking on Pixy Stix dust? Happy Friday!