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YAuthor Stalking Tuesday: Lev Grossman

January 26, 2010

So where can you find all that YAuthor information? RIGHT HERE because it’s YAuthor Stalking Tuesday! Learn about your favorite authors, have a chat with them and then share your YAuthor adventures. This week is suave yet nerdy Lev Grossman–a 2010 winner of the Alex Award!

Lev GrossmanAuthor: Lev Grossman
Books: The Magicians, Codex, and Warp

Amber’s Lev Grossman Adventure:
Guess where I saw Lev Grossman?? Yes yes yes! at a Harry Potter conference–Leakycon 2009 to be exact. He read from The Magicians (which hadn’t been released yet) and I swooned a little. Click here to see his post on Leakycon. I have since read The Magicians and found it very sublime–like the hopeful, melancholic feeling I get on very foggy days. The book is often referred to “Harry Potter for adults,” but I think it is more “John Green plus magic.”

Since my adventure was kind of uneventful (I didn’t have the nerve to go talk to him because I didn’t have my usual “can you sign this?” to fall back on and everyone else talking to him were saying super smart things so I just eavesdropped…), here is Lev and Peter La of Techland getting pwnd in Halo 3 by Lil Poison–the world’s youngest professional gamer:

Have you met Lev Grossman? Do you have a YAuthor Adventure to share? Email Amber and we might post it on a YAuthor Stalking Tuesday!