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KISS – Sonic Boom

January 3, 2010

Kiss, one of the most influential bands of the 1970′s, has finally released a new ablum after 11 years! The album doesn’t feature all the origional members sadly; Ace Frehely (lead guitar) was replaced by Thommy Thayer and Peter Criss was replaced by Eric Singer (drums). Although the switchup didn’t seem to affect the creativity of their music. Sonic Boom follows a different genre of music than the other 18 albums Kiss has released.  Sonic Boom kind of has a bluesy feel to it with some funky riffs all mixed together with their hard rock tone (a fantastic combo if you’d ask me). The song “Modern Day Delilah” has been played on the radio numerous times promoting the album. When you purchase the album, to your surprise, its not only the 12 new songs that they recorded, the band also rerecorded some of their old hits and threw them onto a seperate CD within the album, featuring “Detroit Rock City”, “Forever”, “Black Diamond”, and (of course) “Rock n Roll All Night”! And that’s not all!! The CD also comes with a DVD with 6 of some of their most popular songs played live. I know a lot of people say when bands get older they tend to lose their “Mojo”, but Kiss keeps it alive! They sound just as good on this album as they did on any of their older albums.  The CD is exclusively at Wal-Mart and they have it for sale for an extremely low price I think; $12!!!!! If you are a Kiss fan, no matter the degree, this album is perfect. I give it 5 out of 5 stars.  -Dylan