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Love It.

October 30, 2009

Yeah, I was slightly obsessed with the song Single Ladies by Beyonce for most of the past year.  Not like crazy Kanye-style grab-the-mic obsessed with it, but kinda obsessed.  I don’t why exactly, I just was.  Maybe because it’s my favorite song to sing/dance to in the car.  Wait.  My actual favorite song to sing/dance to in the car (or anywhere) is Shake It by Metro Station.  (Now would probably be a bad time to tell you I’m not actually a very big fan of pop music.)  (At all.)

And so just when my obsession with the Beyonce song finally simmered down, the universe rewarded me with this gem of a video from Pomplamoose Music.


Now I want to be Pomplamoose Music for Halloween.  Happy Friday!