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BRR: Incarceron by Catherine Fisher

May 11, 2011


Title:  Incarceron

Author:  Catherine Fisher

Other books in series or Standalone:  Has a sequel called Sapphique

First Impressions:  This sounded like a really unique story.  Finn is trapped in a futuristic prison called Incarceron.  He has always been told that he was born there, but he can’t remember anything before the past three years and he’s sure that he had a life on the outside.  Things start to piece together for Finn when he comes into ownership of a device that lets him communicate with someone on the outside: Claudia, the daughter of the Warden.

Last Impressions:  Once it gets going, this book is great!  I had the hardest time at first trying to figure out when and where it is set, but once things started coming together, it turned into a really exciting and thought-provoking story.  The technology involved is super cool and it’s fun to imagine it alongside the 18th century style of clothing.

Favorite Moment:  I can’t say because it’s a HUGE spoiler, but I’ll say that I really liked the ending.

Thoughts on the bookcover:  Very cool.  It’s so mysterious because you don’t know how all the objects on it are going to come into play in the book.  And the crystal key looks so pretty!

Dream Cast:  A movie is already in the works starring Taylor Lautner as Finn, and I can see him filling this role perfectly!  No one else is confirmed for the cast yet, but I could totally see Emma Watson as Claudia.

People who should read this:  With the dual viewpoints of Finn and Claudia, both guys and girls could enjoy this book.  It’s great for anyone who likes dystopian lit or books about cool futuristic technology.

People who should not read this:  It kind of takes awhile for the story to pick up and for you to figure out what exactly is going on, so if you’re impatient, you might get frustrated.  But seriously, hang in there, it gets really good!

If you like this book, you may also like:  The sequel, Sapphique, of course!  Also The Maze Runner, Gone, and The Knife of Never Letting Go.