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Teen Review: Crash

June 28, 2011

Crash by Jerry Spinelli
Teen Review by Dani, who says that she really liked the book–Yay!

When 5-year-old Crash (John) Coogan meets Penn Webb, that is when all the pranks begin. All Crash has ever done was mess with him–Penn is a dweeby, vegetable eating neighbor.

Then, the summer before 7th grade, Crash meets Mike, and, before they even learn each others’ names, they know they will be best friends. They both are on the football team; Crash is the full back and Mike is the linebacker. Penn and Jane Forbes (Crash likes Jane) go out for cheerleading, and they both make the squad. Abby and Penn (Abby’s John sister) become great friends and try to stall the mall, but it does not work.

Scooter, their grandpa, comes to stay. He comes to every game but when Crash breaks the school TD record and he presses the wrong button on the video camera Crash gets really mad. On Thanksgiving break, Crash accidentally tackles his grandpa during a 2-hand touch game he has a stroke the next morning.

***Spoilers Alert***

Do not read any further if you do not want to know how the book ends!

Scooter finally gets out of rehab he can only say a-bye. Crash runs in the relays but purposely comes in second to Penn, for the relays Penn takes them from last to second. Jane invites Crash to a 4th of July party at her house. Penn and Crash become best friends.

**Thanks for the review, Dani! Crash sounds like an intense book, and your review totally made us want to read it, too! Remember that any teen who turns in a review to one of our libraries this summer can add 75 points to their Summer Reading Program log. Every little bit helps you reach the grand total and get all your cool prizes. Stay tuned to the blog for more teen reviews coming soon!