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Flippin’ Out

August 20, 2009

Another popular teen program we held this summer was Flip Flop Makeovers.  Check out the results…

flip flops

In the above pic, the teen tied tiny water balloons to the sandals in order to spruce them up a bit.  Very cool and perfect for time spent poolside.

flip flops furry

Here a patron used water balloons, ribbon, and fur to add style to ordinary orange flip flops.  Nice.

flip flops jeweled

Lastly, several teens embellished their summer footwear with glittery jewels.  Looks especially good with the sparkly blue nail polish. 

We’re probably going to have to host this program again next summer.  It was a sure hit.  There were even a few boys who attended the program and made cool sandals by coloring on them with metallic markers and gluing pop tabs on the straps.  They ended up being really neat, but the guys had really dirty feet so we opted out of exposing you to those pics :)  You can thank us later.