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The Ragbirds: Finally Almost Ready

December 28, 2009

The Ragbirds are an earthy feeling band based out of Michigan and no kids, they’re not a big name, but they have a big sound.

This folk/tribal/rock/gypsy/Celtic (etc.) group has released their fourth CD named from one of their originals, ‘Finally Almost Ready’ this past August. Once again they blew away the ears of anybody who listened to them.

Their original and contemporary sound is still  true in their third full lenght CD. (Their third CD, realeased last year, was a single track of the famous Christmas tune: Little Drummer Boy). Once again Erin Zindle, the main song writer in the group, produces lyrics that engage the listener to dive into their own life and infuse the words to the daily happens that everybody encounters. Their song ‘Little Things’ contains lyrics that grab an audience such as “It’s the little things I say every mundane day that tell my story.”

While still sticking true to their sound, ‘Finally Almost Ready’ introduces a little reggae sound to their all ready unique and clever music.  This album contains similar type songs as true to their other albums, but it is obvious to see how they have progressed throughout the years; and yet at the same time kept true to their origin.

‘Finally Almost Ready’ is a must have for anybody who likes a mesh of different cultures all mixed into one sound that is comprehensible and applicable to life at its simpliest.  

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