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Book Trailer Thursday: Cloaked

March 10, 2011

Did you see Beastly last week and now you are craving more Alex Flinn magic? Read Cloaked! Sure am looking forward to those talking animals, yup, talking animals are THE BEST.

Graphic Spotlight: Castle Waiting by Linda Medley

October 7, 2009


Castle Waiting by Linda Medley combines so many of my favorite things: Sleeping Beauty, a castle, a circus, funny creatures that act like British gentlemen and NUNS WITH BEARDS. I didn’t even know that nuns with beards were one of my favorite things until I read this book, but now nuns with beards are right at the top of the list with puppies. I don’t think I even have to tell you what the story is about–I’m THAT confident that I sold you on it by saying “nuns with beards.”

Okay, I will tell you a little bit what it is about: Sleeping Beauty has run off into the sunset with her Prince leaving behind her ladies-in-waiting to hang out in the castle. Soon odd guests begin to seek lodging in the castle, including a mysterious pregnant woman with the aura of a royal runaway, and share with each other their stories of love, loss, adventure, abuse, and facial hair.

So goodbye, Spice Girls–the nuns with beards are my new feminist icons.