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Teen Craft Tuesdays: Duct Tape

June 14, 2010

Tomorrow from 3-5 at Fairmount we’re making Duct Tape Beach Bags!  All crafting supplies will be provided and it’s free.  Need I say more?! 

Fine, I will.  We will also be making other cool duct tape creations because once you start you just can’t stop!  True story.  Wallets, purses, phone cases, and whatever else your little hearts’ desire.  See you at Teen Craft Tuesday!

Duct Tape Creations

August 25, 2009

This is the second summer for our teen “Duct Tape Creations” program.  I gotta say it’s my favorite teen craft program, by far.  Just look at the results we had this year:




It’s super easy to make things out of duct tape.  Super fun, too.  And once you get going it can be really addictive.  If you’re not careful you might even end up with a whole new wardrobe.  Give it a try at home.  But first, place a hold on these titles to help get you on your way…DuctigamiGot Tape?  They’re full of great ideas and tips for the duct tape creator in you.


Stick It To Ya!

July 21, 2009


Come on down…you’re the next contestant on Duct Tape Creations! 

Uh, what?? 

Today.  Fairmount Library.  3:00. 

Uh, what?? 

We’re making purses, wallets, beach bags, and whatever else you can think of out of colored duct tape. 


Uh, what??

It’s only one of our most bestest programs.  Promise.  We did it last year, too.

Uh, what??

And if we finish early we’re going to duct tape someone to the wall.  Maybe even you.

your mama


The Challenge Is On…

December 16, 2008

Chill Out & ReadThe 14th Annual Teen Reading Challenge has begun!  Pick up your reading log today at either Davenport Public Library location.  The Teen Reading Challenge is an event sponsored by the Quad City Area Public Libraries.  This unique winter reading program asks teens to join their home library team and “compete” against other area public libraries to see who can read the most.  Come on DPL teens…let’s do this!

penguins readingThis year’s program runs from Dec. 14, 2008-Jan. 3, 2009.  The logs must be turned in by Jan. 6, 2009.  To participate visit your local library and pick up a log.  Just keep track of the number of minutes you read (books, magazines, newspapers, and even books for school!) on the provided log and turn it in when you’re done.  It’s really that easy! 

Oh, and did I mention a party?  Party.  Teens who read 250 minutes or more will be invited to the Teen Reading Challenge Party at the Moline Public Library on Friday, Jan. 9th.  And they get to bring a friend, as well!  There will be video games to play, scrapbooking activities, duct tape crafts, free food, drinks, and lots of prizes to give away.

winter party

One more thing…if the DPL teens win this Challenge, they get to have an overnight lock-in at the library.  Time to get your read on!