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Beauty…For Real

November 20, 2009

Girls of all ages should check out Dove’s eye-opening Evolution video:


Holy.  Moly.  Who knew?

Visit Dove’s website for more videos and articles relating to real beauty, body knowledge, and self esteem.  You might even want to take some of their quizzes or complete their online workshops–for girls only!  The image manipulation quiz is an interesting one.

Also, if you’re looking for a great book that deals with self-esteem check out Confidence is Queen by former MTV VJ, Susie Castillo.  It’s a laid back read geared towards building confidence in young girls.  We have copies at both libraries :)

Next up, another eye-opener called Dove Parody:


Zoinks.  That gives you something to think about from the opposite end of the spectrum. 

Happy Friday!