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Back to School

August 13, 2012

Now that the school year is underway you might find you need some extra help along the way.  Check out titles like these found in our YA Non-fiction sections. 

The Teen Science Fair Sourcebook by Tanya M. Vickers

Danica McKellar - Winnie Cooper - Math book

Author Tanya Vickers provides all the tips you’ll need to create a successful high-powered science fair project, such as Siemens-Westinghouse, from getting started to competing at a regional or national competition. Inspiring stories of young scientists who have won national science competitions are paired with the essential steps for creating a prize-winning project. Learn how to find a mentor, write a research plan, set up your notebook, and present your data.  –Book Description courtesy of Amazon


Danica McKellar’s cool math books like Math Doesn’t Suck; Kiss My Math; Hot X: Algebra Exposed; and Girls Get Curves: Geometry Takes Shape

In 2007, Danica released her first book, Math Doesn’t Suck (ages 9-12). Presenting math lessons in the style of a teen magazine, this groundbreaking book became an instant success, making Amazon’s top 100 books of 2007, and earning Danica the title of “Person of the Week” on ABC World News. Her next books, Kiss My Math (pre-algebra, for ages 11-13) and Hot X:  Algebra Exposed (ages 13-15 and up) followed suit on the New York Times bestseller list, and now she is proud to have over 500,000 copies in print being used by students, parents, and teachers alike.  –From the author’s website.

The Smart Aleck’s Guide to American History by Adam Selzer

Do you know America? No, I mean, do you REALLY know America? Would you recognize John Adams in a lineup? Can you identify any presidents between Lincoln and Roosevelt?  Hmmm. I thought so.

Well, you really need this book.  Not only will it improve your sorry historical knowledge, it will crack you up, and give you material to throw your teachers off-balance for entire class periods. Identify their lies! Point out their half-truths! And possibly, just possibly, gain some extra credit for yourself.  –From the Trade Paperback edition

Remember you can always stop in the library if you need to use a computer or are just looking for a quiet place to study.  Also, the terrific DPL Librarians can help point you in the right direction for all your research needs, too.  Have a great school year everybody!