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Wild at Heart

January 2, 2009

Wild At HeartWild at Heart by John Eldredge is a nonfiction book about “Discovering the Secret of a Man’s Soul.” But this description, found on the front cover, sounds like this is a book for a woman to try to figure out her man. Rather, it is the opposite. Wild at Heart is a book for both genders that exemplifies the reason why men act the way they do. Eldredge explains why little boys often get dressed up in superman outfits and decide they have to save the world. Or why, after men grow out of this stage, they still want a beautiful woman to protect or have an adventure to delve into. He discusses all this in terms of how God intended to have men act. The perfect man is a reflection of God. The incredible strength. The wildness. The bravery. The need to protect someone. These are all traits found in God. God created men this way to display his own perfectly wild heart. Yet, men falter when they fall away from these characteristics. When they decide they are not strong enough to keep a relationship going or when they give up their adventure for a spot on the couch. Being a girl, I thought I would find this book to be boring and all together dull. I asked myself why I would want to read a book about the secrets of men. But a friend of mine urged me to look past my judgemental thoughts and just start the book. I was completely and utterly enthralled. It explains why all the men I know act the way they do. Why my father was such a great dad or when he fell away and faltered. This book was incredible to read and every chapter I had endless epiphanies about God, men, and even myself.

CaptivatingI recommend anyone to read this book, but if it does not sound interesting, try the flipside of it: Captivating. It is by John Eldredge and his wife Stasi Eldredge, Captivating envelopes why women act the way they do and how they are also a reflection of God’s character.