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Manga + Calculus = True Love Forever!

January 9, 2010

The Manga Guide to CalculusI AM SO IN LOVE WITH THE THE MANGA GUIDE TO CALCULUS THAT I WOULD PROBABLY INTERRUPT TAYLOR SWIFT TO PROCLAIM THIS BOOK’S AWESOMENESS (hmmm Kanye West references just aren’t as funny as they were five months ago…). This book is designed to be a text book– meaning it gives examples, theory and exercises– yet it surprised me to also be a bit of a page turner. Noriko, a young women with crazy mood swings, has just started her new job as a Reporter for the Asagake Times. However, she is horribly disappointed when she discovers she has been a assigned to a teeny tiny branch office and will probably not be covering any hard-hitting issues. Instead, Noriko’s boss, Mr. Seki, insists that she will only reach her journalistic goals by learning about functions, derivatives and taylor expansions. What?! so while I was busy wondering if Mr. Seki and Noriko would ever hook up, I was also learning calculus?! neat.