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John Mayer – Battle Studies (2009)

February 4, 2010

Battle Studies is John Mayer’s 4th studio album that was released November 17, 2009. When John Mayer first announced the title of his new album at a live show in June of 2009, he said “The album is called Battle Studies and that’s because it incorporates a lot of the lessons, a lot of the observations, and a little bit of advice. Like a handbook, like a heartbreak handbook.” Twitter was Mayer’s main place where he advertised the new album. He gave out track listings and link to songs. Some of the hits on the album include “Who Says” and “Heartbreak Warfare”. As quoted before, the album is filled with sad break up songs. The album is filled with sad, heartfilled but absolutely wonderful lyrics. Each song contains the origional John Mayer style along with the catchy rhythm of the rhythm section. When the album was first released, it reach the #1 place on the Billboard 200 Chart, selling 286,000 copies within it’s first week of being on the market. Of those 286,000 copies, I contain 1 of them. It also had a huge it in the iTune Store, ranking up to the 4th place in top album sales. Not all of his songs on the album are origional, he does a cover of the Cream song “Crossroads” and if you order the album off of the itunes store, you recieve the Bruce Springstein cover of “I”m On Fire”. He also does a song called “Half of My Heart” featuring the ever talented Taylor Swift. This is by far my favorite album of John Mayer’s and I would have to give the album a 5/5 star rating.  -Dylan