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2010 Schneider Family Book Award

January 29, 2010

Up next in our week of award winners are the tween and teen recipients of the Schneider Family Book Award.  According to the ALA, this particular award is given to titles that “emphasize the artistic expression of the disability experience for children and or adolescent audiences. The book must portray some aspect of living with a disability or that of a friend or family member, whether the disability is physical, mental or emotional.”

Marcelo in the Real World by Francisco X. Stork is the teen (ages 13-18) award winner…Marcelo Sandoval has Asperger Syndrome. Marcelo is pushed beyond his comfort zone when he is forced to take a job in his father’s law firm. Over the course of a tumultuous summer, Marcelo learns what it is to be a friend, to stand up for what he believes in and that he can create a place for himself in the real world.

Anything but Typical written by Nora Raleigh Baskin is the winner for middle grades (ages 11-13)…While Jason Blake who has autism, considers himself to be anything but typical, his life is that of a conventional 12-year-old boy. He wants a girlfriend, to fit in and to be recognized for his creative writing.

Until last week’s announcement of the winning titles I had never heard of Anything but Typical.  However, Marcelo in the Real World has been getting rave reviews by librarians all over the map.  It’s currently on my nightstand as I’ve been really looking forward to reading it and now I can’t wait!  But wait, I just went and pulled Anything but Typical from the shelf and think I might have to read that one first.  It looks pretty cool.