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Teen Review: DWEEB

June 21, 2011

Title:  DWEEB

Author:  Aaron Starmer

Review:  I liked the book DWEEB because when they all got called down to Vice Principal Snodgrass’s office during 2nd period it left me wondering “Why?”  This book in a lot of parts leaves you curious.  When Eddie snuck out to the auditorium all the bullies, like Tyler Kelly, and most of the kids seemed brainwashed.  I like the part when Wendell was in Vice Principal Snodgrass’s office and Wendell got stuck in the chair.  He had to get unstuck from the chair quickly but he couldn’t.  So instead he just ran into the closet with the chair stuck to his rear.

Teen Reviewer:  Chauna

**This is the second review from Chauna and we’re so grateful to her for sharing her opinions on her latest reads.  Remember that any teen who writes a review and turns it in at one of our 3 libraries will earn 75 points towards the grand total on their Summer Reading Program log!  Thanks to all the teens that’ve turned them in so far.