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Teen Volunteer Council is TONIGHT!

December 10, 2013


Looking for something to do tonight? Want to have a say in what’s going on at the library?

Come join us at our monthly Teen Volunteer Council meeting!

If you’ve never been to one of the meetings before, we talk about volunteer opportunities within the library and get your feedback on programs, events, and books you would like to see at the library.

We would love to see you there!

Tonight, 5:30pm, at the Fairmount Street Branch.


Winter at Hogwarts

December 5, 2013


Muggles of all ages are welcome to attend Winter at Hogwarts this Saturday, December 7th at 7pm at the Davenport Public Library Eastern Avenue Branch!  We’ll have food, games, crafts and even more activities, all centered around your favorite school of witchcraft and wizardry.   Come in costume for a chance to win a prize!

As always, the event is totally FREE!  Let us know that you’re coming by calling (563) 326-7832.

Cover Face-Off: Gone

December 3, 2013

It’s another edition of Cover Face-Off!  We put two covers of the same book side-by-side and decide which we like best.  Use whatever criteria you want: which one represents the book best, which one is more likely to attract readers, or even which one you think is cooler.

Today’s competitors: Gone by Michael Grant, the old cover (left) versus the newly re-imagined paperbacks (right).  If you’re not familiar with the series, here’s the publisher’s blurb: “In a small town on the coast of California, everyone over the age of fourteen suddenly disappears, setting up a battle between the remaining town residents and the students from a local private school, as well as those who have “The Power” and are able to perform supernatural feats and those who do not.”

Gone by Michael Grant hcGone by Michael Grant pb










I like the new cover SO MUCH!  The original cover is fine and highlights the fact that it’s about teens facing some kind of unknown challenge, but the new cover looks so much more exciting with the new colors and design.  It looks like it could appeal to anyone who is looking for an action-oriented novel.

Do you love the re-design, or do you think the series was better off with the original cover?  Sound off in the comments!

Closed for Thanksgiving!

November 27, 2013


Don’t forget, all three Davenport Public Library locations will be closed for Thanksgiving on Thursday, November 28th and Friday, November 29th.  But you can still use our website and place holds in our catalog 24/7!  Have a safe and happy holiday!

Coming to a NEW shelf near you….

November 26, 2013

We have TONS of new YA books coming your way soon!  In addition to the ones pictured above, you can find even more on our Check It Out page.  If you don’t want to wait to find one on the shelves, click the cover to place a hold!

The Coldest Girl in Coldtown

November 22, 2013

coldestgirlI thought I was totally over vampire books, but then Holly Black had to come along and write the awesome The Coldest Girl in Coldtown.  The existence of vampires is not a secret; they are talked about on social networks and livestreams of their fabulous parties are THE THING to watch at night.  People feel safe because most vampires have been trapped in quarrantine zones called Coldtowns.  But there are still rogue vampires out there lurking in the night, and when a human is bitten by one they go “Cold”, starting to crave the taste of human blood that will then turn them into a vampire.

The story starts when seventeen-year-old Tana, who has been out partying with friends all night and passed out in a bathtub, wakes up to find that everyone at the party has been brutally murdered by a pack of vampires.  The scene is gruesome, and Tana is quick to discover that only one other person is still alive: her ex-boyfriend Aidan, who has been bitten by one of the vampires.  Tana rescues him and decides that the only way to save him is to head for the nearest Coldtown, hoping that the humans there can keep Aidan from turning and that the bounty she’ll earn for the weakened vampire she caught will earn her a way out.

In a time when vampire books are nearly inescapable, I though The Coldest Girl in Coldtown was unique and exciting.  I love Tana and the fact that despite her near-paralyzing fear she’s the one rescuing the boy instead of being some kind of damsel in distress.  Of course a little romance gets thrown into the mix, but it doesn’t take over the story at all and it plays out in a way that feels realistic.  If you’re looking for a different take on vampires and don’t mind some gore (that first chapter, yikes), I highly recommend picking this one up.

Book Trailer Thursday: Steelheart

November 14, 2013

On shelves now: Steelheart, the latest from bestselling author Brandon Sanderson.  Check out the trailer above.

Looks like an exciting story of superpowers and revenge!  Click here to place a hold on a copy.