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Not-So-Extreme Library Makeover: YA Edition

November 6, 2008

Things were getting just a tiny bit crowded in the Young Adult section at Fairmount, so we decided to move things around and freshen up the place.  To help with the shifting we enlisted two brand new teen volunteers, siblings Anthony and Bethany.  We reeeealllly appreciate all the input they provided.  Reeeeallllly.  They did a great job!  If you don’t count all the dusting we had to endure, it was kinda fun shifting the collection, rearranging shelves, and creating new displays. 

It all started when Bethany came in to the library one day to inquire about being a teen volunteer.  After sharing my makeover plan with her she offered up her time and we agreed to take on the project the next Saturday morning.  Well, that Friday she called and left a message saying she had the flu and wouldn’t be able to make it in, but that her brother could come in and help out.  Fine by me.  Then Saturday morning rolls around and they both show up.  How cool is that?!?  You think you’re getting one volunteer and suddenly you have two.  We sure had a great time. 

I quickly learned that working with volunteers who are brother and sister makes for a hilarious morning at the library.  It was great fun to listen to them gently bicker with one another about whether “guy books” or “girl books” should be on display.  Their opposing tastes in books turned out to be highly valuable input that allowed for the displays to cater to a variety of interests.  My favorite moment was not when I could see how proud they were of themselves and their work, nor was it when they were talking about how they were having a good time and would like to volunteer again, rather, my favorite moment was when Anthony said, “Yeah, I’ve always kinda thought that if I could ever be a Greek God, I would be the God of Libraries.”

The next time you’re at the Fairmount St. Library make a point to stop by the YA section and see the new setup.   The circulating videogames are now on a different shelf, and the “NEW” books have their own display unit.  Feel free to let us know what you like/dislike.  We love suggestions, especially from our teen patrons.  Plus, if you’re ever interested in volunteering let us know.  You can always apply the time you spend helping out towards service hours that you might need to accrue for school or church.

Oh, and actually, my favorite moment of the day was when Anthony was giving Bethany a hard time about putting so many of the “girl books” on display and she replied with, “You’re just mad that you don’t get to read the girl books.  You wish you could read girl books.  You wish.”

Thanks to both Anthony and Bethany for their fantastic help!


Teen Volunteer Council & Gaming…Tonight!

October 14, 2008

Come on by the Fairmount St. location from 5:30-7:30 tonight for the Teen Volunteer Council meeting followed by a bit of wild videogaming fun!  At last month’s meeting the council members discussed how they plan to spend some of the teen money which they’ve raised through various volunteer efforts.  Sounds like we’ll be getting a few new videogame accessories for our gaming programs.  The idea of making their own t-shirts for Anime Club and TVC was also presented.  Very cool.  Plus, they came up with some really great programming ideas for the library.  The idea that everyone seemed to agree on was having an overnight at the library for teens.  It does seem like a super great idea, one that might be almost too much fun-but not quite, phew!  Let’s do it! 

Also, at the last TVC meeting we experimented with making up new words.  Some of the best were:  loopyottenvicker, barfarooni, and snorffenporkerfrmkookly.  We had soooo much fun with this exercise that it was hard to find time to come up with their definitions.  The winning word was:  crostahofolaus.  And when asked “What does it mean?” the best answer was “What doesn’t it mean?”

Here’s a pic from a couple of Sundays ago that shows the volunteers in action at the 40th Anniversary Party at the Main St. Library.  They helped out by serving drinks and snacks to the guests.  Pictured from left to right are Mello (the TVC President), Chris (Treasurer), Jake (Vice President), and our newest volunteer Choia-she even rearranged her work schedule to help us out!  THANKS to each of them for their awesome help! 

Get Your Game On Featured Player: Mello

October 1, 2008

Featured player this week is Mello, the winner of our Dance Dance Revolution Tournament that took place last May which kicked off the Summer Reading Program. I like to refer to her as the Queen of DDR. It’s true. Ask anyone that’s seen her play. She bounces around like it’s nobody’s business and with great accuracy.

ME: Hey Mello, what do you wanna be when you grow up?

MELLO: Like actually? I want to be the Hero of Time, but that doesn’t count.

ME: Yes, like actually.

MELLO: Um, I want to be a videogame programmer and designer.

ME: What’s your favorite color?

MELLO: Gggreen???

Before I can even ask another question MELLO says: You can talk about my obsession with Legend of Zelda or my upcoming cosplays. I have a bunch of those. Would you like to know about those?

ME: Only the one you plan to sport at the Anime Fest at the Figge.

MELLO: Paashaww. I don’t know yet.

ME: Good answer. Closing thoughts, Mello?

MELLO: I just lost the game :(

Mello was voted the President of the Teen Volunteer Council by the rest of the teen volunteers. She always has really fun ideas and is full of the required energy that it takes to pull them off. Mello is also one of our newest contributors to the blog. Thanks for all of your GREAT help!

Calling all volunteers!!!

September 8, 2008

The Teen Volunteer Council (TVC) meetings start back up tomorrow night.  Same time, same place…5:30-7:30 @ the Fairmount St. Library.  New season, new fun…see you then. 

And those of you unfamiliar with the Teen Volunteer Council are especially welcome to come check it out!  We typically start with a casual meeting, developed and implemented by elected teen officers, and follow it up with a free play videogaming session. 

As participants on the council, teens have the chance to help out with various library programs, write reviews, assist with selection, help with fundraising, meet new people, and participate in other volunteer activities that will allow for more community involvement and rewarding experiences.  Plus, it looks great on resumes and college applications! 

For more info call 563-326-7893.

Collect Your Thoughts, Have Some Fun

September 2, 2008

Do you wish that every week had a 3 day weekend??  Is the school year stressing you out…already??? Maybe just feeling a bit out of sorts????????? 


Well, let us help you get back into the swing of things.  DPL’s regular teen programs start back up tonight!  Yep.  So grab yer girlz, holler at your homies, wrestle in a rebel, whatever you have to do to get your peeps to skip on over to the Fairmount St. location for all the action.  There’s a program for everyone…and if not, let me know whatcha like and we’ll see what we can do.  For reals.

1st Tuesday of the month:  Anime Club 5:30-7:30

2nd Tuesday of the month:  Teen Volunteer Council & Gaming 5:30-7:30

4th Tuesday of the month:  Teen Tech Lab 5:30-7:30

EVERY Wednesday:  Get Your Game On 3-5

Plus, this fall we have two special teen programs in the works!!  The Teen Anime Fest and Manga Drawing Contest are coming right up.  AND, we do have a stellar Twilight party planned, just in time for the movie.  Stay tuned for details.


Teen Volunteers

July 28, 2008

At this year’s Bix Porch Party, the teen volunteers (pictured above) helped to raise nearly $350 for teen programming at the library.  That’s $115 more than last year.  Awesome job!  They sure did put in a lot of elbow grease selling all those hot dogs and drinks.  The money raised will be spent by the teens on whichever aspect of programming they choose.  It really is the teen’s money. 

The last purchases made by the Teen Volunteer Council were that of a Wii, PlayStation 2, and additional gaming equipment so they can play their favorite games like Rock Band, Guitar Hero III, and Dance Dance Revolution.  These purchases have really opened up the door for teen programs at DPL.  We were able to start a weekly free-play videogaming program, as well as run specialized tournaments.  Furthermore, we now have lots of new teen patrons attending our programs, signing up for cards, and checking out a variety of items that the library has to offer.  What a fantastic way to make a difference!  What will the Teen Volunteer Council come up with next???

If you’re interested in becoming a teen volunteer you can always call 326-7832 for more info, or stop in at either location and we’ll be happy to answer your questions.  Also, feel free to join us at the Teen Volunteer Council meetings which meet on the second Tuesday of the month, from 5:30-7:30, at the Fairmount Library.  We always take a summer break, so the next meeting is Sept. 9th.  Council members have the chance to offer up their ideas for programming, let us know which items we should add to the library’s collection, and help decide how to spend the teen funds.  Oh, and don’t forget it looks great on a resume or college application.  Once the casual meeting is over, we crank up the videogame systems.  Snacks, too.