Movie Trolling: 2013 adaptations

Ciao Readers! Guess what? 2013 is full of book to film adaptations, and I really want to be able to wear that obnoxiously smug I-already-know-the-ending-haha smile while trolling through the theater looking for my seat. Nothing revs up a library book’s reserve list like an upcoming movie, so I’m putting my holds on now so I will have plenty of time to develop my negative opinions of the film’s casting. Here are the movies that I’m super curious about:

Beautiful Creatures
by Margaret Stohl and Kami Garcia

In theaters Feb. 2013

I have always drooled a bit over this Young Adult series’ beautifully lettered covers, but the Sixteen year old Southern supernatural psychic story never really sparked for me. Until I met the author, Margaret Stohl, over the summer and she was absolutely spectacular. (And yes, I am wearing my obnoxiously smug I-have-met-the-author-haha smile right now…)

Mortal Instruments: City of Bones
by Cassandra Clare

In theaters Aug. 2013

This series is a must-read for all fans of supernatural romances. Demons? Check. Demon-Hunters? Check. Girl who can see Demons, but who is not a Demon-hunter and therefore the Demon-hunters are kinda freaked out by her and one of the them acts like he hates her, but really likes her? Check. Why would I not read this book?

Ender’s Game
by Orson Scott Card

In theaters Nov. 2013

Ok, promise to stay with me: this is a classic science fiction story about a six-year-old genius who is drafted by the government to play some anti-gravity games and then trained to lead the earth’s military in destroying aliens that look like giant bugs and by the way there is absolutely zero romance. AND I LOVE IT.