Sneak Peek: Homeland by Cory Doctorow

Did you know that you can preview an excerpt of the highly anticipated sequel to Cory Doctorow’s YA novel Little Brother?  Wait, what?  There’s a sequel?!   Totally.  Click here to read the first few chapters of Homeland.  It’s super awesome.  You’ll be hooked.  It’s gonna be soooo difficult to wait until the February release date to devour the rest of the pages.  Rawr.  The good news is that still gives you plenty of time to read Little Brother if you haven’t already.  Or reread it.  Then read it again.  Then make your friends and their friends read it, too.  Gah!!!  Little Brother is definitely one of our top picks of all the YA books out there.  And Cory Doctorow is definitely one of our top fave authors.  Double gah!!!!  Is it February yet?  Ok, almost.  Homeland?  Soon, soon, soon…ish.  Tiny rawrs.

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