We were going to try and save this video for one of our “Happy Friday” posts but we just can’t wait ’til then and we just can’t help ourselves, sooo…HAPPY WEDNESDAY!!

Want to have even more Wednesday fun?  Show up to our regular Wednesday teen program at the Fairmount St. library.  Get Your Game On is a super fun time full of video games, online games, and even board games with teens of all ages from several area schools.  It meets every Wednesday from 3-5.  Please feel free to join us.  Plus also, there’s a really wild rumor going around about pizza and skittles at gaming.  Could it be true?!

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One Response to YES!

  • Libby the Librarydog says:

    Shout out to Amber, one of our DPL Reference Librarians, for showing us this video. WOOHOO!