Pottermore Now Live and Open!

Pottermore logo

You may recall the hubbub last July when Pottermore opened for business, so to speak–but only if you were one of the chosen elite. Well, my friends, those days are over–Pottermore is now open to the public! Anyone can fly on over and sign up for a chance to not only follow Harry Potter through his journey at Hogwarts, but to become a part of the story yourself.

Pottermore books

For those that missed the train (the Hogwarts Express, as it were) completely, Pottermore is an interactive experience guiding you through each of the seven Harry Potter books, as well as providing you with supplemental information J.K. Rowling never got a chance to fit into the books themselves. For example, did you know that when the Sorting Hat takes a long time to decide in what house to place a wizard, it’s called a Hatstall? Well, did you know that Professor McGonagall had a Hatstall of five and half minutes between Gryffindor and Hufflepuff before being placed in Gryffindor–and it was exactly the opposite for Professor Flitwick?  Oh, the things you learn!

Pottermore spells

On top of reliving Harry Potter’s story, you also get to become a part of Hogwarts yourself.  In the first book, you get to go shopping for your school supplies (including being chosen by a wand!), get Sorted into a House, as well as learn how to duel and make potions. Nearly everything you do earns your House points to go towards the House Cup, the winner of which will be announced when the next book is available on Pottermore.

Potions class in Pottermore

There’s still no word on when HP and the Chamber of Secrets will open up, but we’ve been told “early to mid 2012,” so it must be soon! If you’re dying to know, I would keep an eye on Pottermore Insider for the latest information.

(Go, Ravenclaw!)