Catching Fire casting announced: Justin Bieber is Finnick!

So I’m sure you have all seen the news already: Mr. Justin Bieber has been cast as Finnick, the charming, arrogant and misunderstood playboy from District 4. (Click HERE for Official News Release info)

Wow. All I can say is WOW.

Although… I’m not feeling as shocked and surprised as I expected to upon hearing the news. Bieber totally has the swagger, the charm, and the energy to handle Finnick’s character. The only possible downside will be if Bieber is unable to downplay his babyface to play a 24-year veteran Victor who has experienced 10 years of Capitol manipulation. Although, the Hunger Games casting agents have not been that concerned with actors’ ages in earlier casting, and all that truly matters is that Finnick appears older and more seasoned than Katniss.

Here is the rest of the big Catching Fire casting announcements from yesterday:

The wonderful Mags will by played by the wonderful Julie Andrews.

Brainy Beetee will be played by Brainy Adam Savage from Mythbusters.

And infamous Wiress will be played by the infamous Snooki (not too shabby for a girl’s first big movie role).

But the most surprising of all:

The clever and vicious Johanna Mason will be played by Saturday Night Lives’s feisty Target Lady!

Kinda weird, right? I was totally rooting for Selena Gomez or Kristin Bell…

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30 Responses to Catching Fire casting announced: Justin Bieber is Finnick!

  • Jessy says:

    I think I just died a little inside. I don’t believe he is fit for the character as in depth as Finnick is. And besides, he looks like he’s 12 still… How is it that you expect him to play a 24 year old when he doesn’t even look like a young teenager?

  • renee says:

    April Fools joke?? PLEASE???????

  • Becca says:

    Click on the original press release link….. thank god.

  • Amber says:

    What is really funny is that when I wrote the April Fools Day joke, I didn’t realize that Justin Bieber as Finnick was already a rumor going around the internet! crazy. Although to be honest, as I was writing the post, I sort of succeeded in convincing myself that he would actually be pretty okay in the part :-)

  • Carl says:

    Is this somekind of a joke???? Bieber as Finnick?? oh please.. you’ll ruin it all…. !!!
    I will definitelynot watch Catching Fire if he would be Finnick…

  • Carl says:

    Thank god its just a joke.!

  • Annie says:

    NO. NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO. He can NOT play Finnick. Ever. He’s just….ugh. If he played Finnick I would have to boycott the Catching Fire movie. Although I’m sure this isn’t real. Right?
    (No offense to Justin Bieber or his fans, I just don’t think he could play Finnick)

  • Shaira says:

    K no offense, but its a good thing bieber plays finnick cuz he dies! (no offense Bieber fans or anyone else) but yea.

  • bec says:

    i freaked out and called all my friends…. thank the sweet lord. god, i hate april fools

  • Maria says:

    Um… WHAT THE FRICK ARE THE PRODUCERS THINKING? They just completely ruined Catching Fire, the best hunger games novel out of the three. they must be on CRACK to put JUSTIN FRICKIN BEIBER in. seriously.
    What a dissapointment.

  • hi says:

    haha thank gosh it was april fools

  • Chloe says:

    Haha, I was tricked there for a moment. April Fools!

  • POtato says:

    No. Just no.

  • *Pataterzzz* says:

    WTF!!!!!!! I sooo wanted Ryan Reynolds to be Finnick! And if he couldn’t be Finnick then I wanted David Boreanez!!!!!! JUSTIN BIEBER?????? This is absolutely outrageous! I demand he be re-casted!!!!!! Unbelievable

  • hi says:

    Omg justin bieber would great he is the hotest guy on earth

  • eMy says:


  • HG Fan says:

    Oh my god…thank god this is a joke. I almost died at the thought of Justin Bieber being anywhere near this movie at all. But when I read that Snooki was also in it, my sanity was saved.

  • ms.odair says:

    Oh dear lord, please say this is a joke. The Biebs cannot be Finnick.
    Finnick deserves better than him. :P

    Oh yay, it a joke :3

  • Andrew says:

    Finnick is a man, we need atleast a boy to be finnick. Justin bieber, why did you ruin it for us.

  • Andrew says:

    fyi, jb you cant play finnick, you are not a boy or man. TURKEY!

  • Thescript123 says:

    Thank gosh!!!!!!! It’s not true bc Finnick is supposed to be sexy. Not little boy ( no offense jb). And I don’t wanna see him in his underwear, like the book. PERIOD. Just… No it can’t happen.

  • Alice says:

    No….This cannot be! what a foolish mistake this is!! I’m sorry to offend anyone but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! HE RUINED IT!! WHY IS THIS HAPPENING?? please this must be a joke!

  • PeetasBread says:

    What the heck if Justin bieber is finnick odair then I refuse to see the movie! I mean come on I can’t be the only One here I mean when I imagine finnick it’s not Justin bieber who sung like a 12 year old one year ago!!!! Plus in the CPR scene I don’t think I wanna see hot josh hutcherson and Justin bieber in that scene


    LIES! Although I wish it were true. It would make Mockingjay much more happier. And Snooki as Wiress? Johanna Mason as the Target Lady? God where are you getting your information?! It’s obviously fake. This is so stupid. Brainless much? Have you even read the Hunger Games? This is just…so….stupid. Nice going, idiots. Lol but you almost gave me a scare there lol. Nice try, idiot(s).

  • KatnissBelleGranger says:

    O crap this is from the Davenport Library…. I’m… kinda ashamed. Davenport… why? This is false. You know that right?

    Just… ashamed. Totally. :(

  • KatnissBelleGranger says:

    Oh just april fools lol nice one had me scared there lol :)

  • carly says:

    NO!!!!!! please say that it’s only a joke, a bad jokeā€¦ PLEASE!!!
    Nobody want bieber as finnick

  • :) says:


  • kami Fe says:

    this information is incorrect. and why would Johanna mason be played by snooki???? this makes no sense

  • Hi says:

    I love Justin, but no just no! Justin isn’t the right character for Finnick. He isn’t right. I mean it wouldn’t make sense. Finnick needs to be no him.