Teen Craft Tuesday: Ice Marble Magnets

Vanilla…Ice, Ice, Baby…oh wait.  Nevermind.  This Tuesday, which is tomorrow, we’ll be chillin’ out maxin’ relaxin’ all cool…oh wait.  Nevermind. 

What I’m TRYING to say is that at tomorrow’s Teen Craft Tuesday we are making Ice Marble Magnets.  With July temps in full force we’ll be keeping it cool Antarctica-style inside the nice air conditioned Fairmount St. Library. 

Take a break from the heat and join us for this super simple, fantastically fun, and crazy cool craft.  Everyone will leave with a handful of custom designed marble magnets you can use to keep even the most boring refrigerator looking hot, hot, hot.

The Teen Craft Tuesday programs are part of DPL’s Teen Summer Reading Program events and meet at the Fairmount St. Library on Tuesdays at 3:00.  The programs are free, all supplies are provided, and participants do not need to register.  For more information on this or any of our programs please call 563-326-7832.

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