Summer time…

So, you’re sitting at home bored as all get out and have no idea what to do this summer. Well, have I got some answers for you!

1. Plan a movie series night with your friends. Whether you’re into Lord of the Rings, or Twilight, get together and watch all of them. And a bonus with this is if any of you or your friends has the Scene-It game to whichever series you’re watching. It’s always a fun time.

2. Be active! Go disc golfing with your friends. There are many courses around Davenport… there is even one on Eastern…hmm…I think there’s a library on the street further North.

3. Get rid of your stuff! Go through all your clothes and be gone with your summer clothes that you don’t wear. A good tip: if you haven’t worn it this summer, you probably won’t wear it at all. Or, if you’re too attached to your clothes go the library and check out some cool books on how to change your clothes into pillows, purses, and much much more!

4. Volunteer. Open up your phone book and make some calls. There are always places that could use volunteers.

5. Library programs! Always always always always check the library page to see what programs are going on. There is definitely fun for all ages at the library.

6. Water balloon fight! (or squirt guns…or both). Honestly, when was the last time you got all wet do to some water balloons? How about yesterday because you read this two days ago and took my advice.

7. Spend time with family. My dad always told me that friends come and go, but you’re stuck with your family, so you might as well try and be happy with them. hehe. What about those grandparents you hardly see you who live the city over? What about that aunt who’s always begging to hang out with you? If anything, they’ll probably buy you food. Or have a family night, be creative!

8. Picnic time! Once again get your friends together. After being sore from watching all those movies and being wet from being hit with all those balloons go eat. Divvy it up; somebody get the bread, somebody get the meat, somebody get the chips. Or go real easy, buy a pizza. Make sure to bring a frisbee and have it around and toss it when you’re done.

Do any of these things. You can’t claim to be bored when the sky is the limit of what to do with your summer.