Beastly, The Movie

A review–by Bethany

Now, when I walked into the theatre I had to remind myself to have an open mind for two reasons. One: I really am not a fan of Vanessa Hudgens acting and two: I’m a huge fan of Alex Flinn’s Beastly, which the movie was based on. The movie follows a boy, Kyle (Alex Pettyfer), who goes through many transformations, physically and emotionally. By the title alone one would be able to figure out that the movie is a contemporary look at the classic Beauty and the Beast.

Kyle is a typically popular guy who cares only about appearances, and because of that he believes that everybody else should only care about appearances. Then he pulls a prank on the gothic chick at school, Kendra (Mary-Kate Olsen); or so he thinks. When in all actuality Kendra is a witch and was trying to give him a chance out of her putting a curse on him. But because he failed Kyle is transformed to look as ugly as he is on the inside. His one chance of returning to his normal state: to find a girl who will love him for him, not for what he looks like, in one year.

Now, as I mentioned before, Vanessa Hudgens is one of my least favorite actresses, but I’m a strong believer in the idea that people can change. In her first scene I was actually quite taken back and hopeful for her role in the film. However, all good things come to an end, and gradually throughout the movie her acting was what was expected. Mediocre. It reminded me of a high school play, her acting that is. There was a part in the movie where she is listening to headphones and starts singing out loud and abruptly stops realizing that people are around. During that particular scene, I didn’t buy that she was in a world of her own, but acutely aware that she was being filmed. Her performance, I couldn’t buy. But, there was a different actor who blew me away. Neil Patrick Harris, who played Will, Kyle’s blind private teacher, was amazing. Every scene he was in brought light to the movie; even the scenes shared with Vanessa Hudgens. I believe he stole the show. From his first entry to his last scene, it was something to look forward too. Alex Pettyfer played his role well, it wasn’t mind blowing, but it was good. He was definitely a good role for this part.

The cinematography and special effects where small, but great. Simple things such as the marks on Alex’s now transformed arms having flowers bloom in spring or lights and a star during winter. It was a very small effect, but nicely done and quite enjoyable. It’s always the small things. Alex’s face and body was made pretty gruesome, but still able to be looked at. Obviously the director wouldn’t want to make his so ugly that even the audience wouldn’t want to look at the film, but they did a good job and making him a tolerable level of ugly; one to where you could believe, but could continue watching it. And the cinematography won’t win any awards, but it was done right to bring about the movies progress.

Overall, the movie wasn’t bad. It wasn’t the best film I’ve ever seen, but it wasn’t bad. It you like supernatural romance you’ll probably like this film, or if you like the story of Beauty and the Beast, you’ll also like this film. This is my disclaimer: if you loved the book, you will not, I repeat: will not be a fan of the movie. They changed about eleven obvious things. And some of the things they changed did not need to be changed. Because I’m sure all book lovers can understand that sometimes, in order to make a book a film, you have to change things; yet, many of the changes that were made were not needed. The seasons were wrong, some of the scenes were wrong; some of the characters were a little off. But, that doesn’t take away that it was decent movie, it was just a very loose interpretation of the book. I wonder if Alex Flinn liked it.

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