And the entries are…

We’re all set for another smashing video contest screening event at the Putnam Museum’s IMAX Theatre this Thursday night. All are welcome to attend this spectacular teen program! The pre-party with pizza and refreshments will begin at 6pm. Just prior to 7:00, the participants will walk the red carpet into the theatre just in time for the 7:00 screening debut of their videos.

Special thanks to the Putnam Museum & IMAX Theatre for donating the use of their space for our 4th Annual Teen YouTube Video Contest Screening Event, and to Papa John’s and Pizza Hut (both on Locust St. in Davenport) for their pizza donations this year. We couldn’t have done it without their support!!!

We hope to see you Thursday night! If you can’t make it or would like a sneak preview of the event check out the entries now:

You Are Here by Ben Haycraft

OMG! Geek Obsessions by Ashley Oerman & Safaa Karoumia

Nerd Confessions by Gavin Wright & Austin Bundy

Never Wonder Where-promo trailer by Bailey Hager

Diary of a Wimpy Hobbit by Archer & Morgan Moore

EAA Young Eagles by Sheldon Wellman

When Fantasy Becomes Reality by Ali & Gabi Lenger

Punched Before Reading by Kaitlyn Martin, Gabby Garrido, Suzy Garrido, & Annie Moore

Twi-Cats by Ally Ronzheimer, Kamella, Sara, & Luke

You Are Here by Olivia Covert-Proctor, Marie Hafner, Bikere Ikoba, & Philip Tunnicliff

Congrats to all the QC Area teens who participated in the 4th Annual Teen YouTube Contest. They should be very proud of themselves!

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