Teen video contest is here! Entries are due next week!

Videos for the 4th Annual Teen YouTube Contest and IMAX Screening are due next week.  Time to get on it!  Entry forms and contest rules can be picked up at your local library or found at this link.  Oh, and check out this great vid a local teacher librarian made.  A huge thanks to her creative work and for being such a fantastic supporter of our upcoming teen event!! 

Happy Friday!  Happy Filming!

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2 Responses to Teen video contest is here! Entries are due next week!

  • Ali says:

    I understand that we need to upload our videos to Youtube but do we post them on the Davenport public library youtube group or on our own user?

  • Christie says:

    Upload them on your own YouTube account and MAKE SURE you put the title and URL of the uploaded video on your entry form. If we don’t have the URL we won’t be able to screen them at the IMAX. There is no longer a QC Libraries YouTube group like last year. Hope that helps :) Thanks!

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