BRR: Drama High: The Fight


Title: Drama High: The Fight
Author: L. Divine
Other books in series or Standalone: First book in the Drama High series

Drama High: The FightFirst Impressions: Wow, Jayd seems like a girl who earns respect and admiration.
Last Impressions: Wow, I totally respect and admire Jayd.

Favorite Moment (POSSIBLE SPOILER ALERT): I really really loved how L. Divine made Jayd so real–it seems like a lot of authors either make their characters really rich or really poor. Jayd, however, is somewhere in the middle. She has enough money to save up for some cute clothes and name-brand lip gloss, but she doesn’t have much space to store her stuff at her grandmother’s house so she organizes everything into garbage bags. Even though Jayd is in high school, I found her living situation almost reminded me more of living in the dorms in college (but she had access to way better food).
Least Favorite Moment: Well, as the name suggests, the story is all about a girl who wants to fight Jayd because she wrongly believes Jayd is after her boyfriend. So for most of the book, I was all “AHHH WHY DOESN’T THIS SILLY GIRL UNDERSTAND THAT JAYD IS NOT STEALING HER BOYFRIEND AND LAY OFF?!” which I am sure is exactly how Divine wanted her readers to feel, but omigosh it was so frustrating!

An ideal place to read this book: On the bus ride home from school or for a needed break from homework.

Dream Cast: Keke Palmer as Jayd, Kerry Washington or Tracie Thoms as Jayd’s Mom, Meagan Good as Jayd’s friend Mickey, and I haven’t decided for Mama, Misty or the boys…

People who should read this: I would probably most recommend the Drama High series to girls in high school or college who want a fun, but not frivolous, book as a break from their study study study. But, a guy might enjoy this series, too (there is a lot of guys’ perspective on relationships which is interesting).

If you like this book, you may also like: Jayd has a lot in common with the heroines of two other BRR books–Scarlett of Suite Scarlett/Scarlett Fever and Mary Quinn of The Agency series–all girls with strong opinions and character, but who still feel unsure of themselves at times. Drama High fans might also enjoy books by Ni-Ni Simone and Nikki Carter.

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