Beastly by Alex Flinn is a modern day story of the classic tale “Beauty and the Beast”. It follows the story of a ‘have it all’ boy named Kyle and his journey to find love. In this story Kyle is transformed into a beast by a witch. The witch tells him that they only way he can break the curse is to love somebody and to have that somebody love him in return by the demonstration of a kiss.

I loved this book.

There were many elements that I loved about this book, but one of my favorite things was the ‘chat group’ that had little to do with the actually plot of the book. However, it brought fourth different flavors and stories that could only have been told this way. For me, that sealed the deal. This chat group was held by a normal human who wanted to help beings that had been transformed, or are considering transformation. Four well knows fairytale stories were represented in this particular chat group, and they all help each other with their transformations.

Another demonstration on Flinn’s writing style was the fact that so little characters were needed to develop a good plot. She was able to use few characters and still have a great novel without the reader getting bored. The story of Beauty and the Beast is a much used and borrowed one, but Flinn was able to bring it into a modern day tale that I’m sure young adults would love.

This book didn’t simply end, like some do. This book had a genuine follow-up; kudos to Flinn’s work on this one. I didn’t feel as if Flinn was bored by her novel and was trying to just be done with it; however I felt as if she did her readers right by the way she ended it. It was believable and left me satisfied with what I had just read.

I read this book from beginning to end in one sitting because the characters and dialouge grabbed my attention and I had to see what happened before I could go to bed.

Very well written, Beastly held true to the original story from which it, and many others, were derived, while still making it modern and unique. Anybody who likes fairytales would like this book.

(Make sure to read the book before watching the movie!)

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