The right to not read.

Sometimes you just don’t feel like reading, right? Daniel Pennac felt the same way, so he decided to write his list of 10 Rights of the Reader:

Here they are again:
1. The right to not read
2. The right to skip pages
3. The right to not finish
4. The right to reread
5. The right to read anything
6. The right to escapism
7. The right to read anywhere
8. The right to browse
9. The right to read out loud
10. The right to not defend your tastes

It took me a very very long time before I gave myself the right to not finish a book, and it felt so liberating! I no longer felt trapped by any book, but instead could let myself in or out of it whenever I pleased.

What are your thoughts on the Rights of the Reader?

Wanna learn more–Read the book (only if you want to, of course.)!

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