Teen Review-Sea of Monsters

Book:  The Sea of Monsters by Rick Riordan

Review:  Percy Jackson is off on another quest, an accidental quest.  This story starts with a monstrous game of dodge ball at one of Percy’s many schools where Percy and his friend Tyson battle cannibals, which leads Annabeth to come to the rescue.  Then the three of them journey back to camp Half Blood where Percy discovers the camp barely functional with Thalia’s tree poisoned and dying leaves the camp’s defenses struggling and that is when Percy realizes they must find the Golden Fleece to restore the tree and the camp.  Percy starts having visions of Grover (an old pal) in a Cyclops cave about to be eaten but the Golden Fleece is on the Cyclops island.  So they set off into the sea of monsters, where they meet some interesting monsters on the way.

First they encounter Circe a sorcerer who turns Percy into a guinea pig, after Percy is changed back by magic vitamins they leave the island.  Then they must travel past the voices.  The voices sing your innermost desires and they tempt you into their island.  This is a hard task for them but they make it out alive.  They are safe for now.  Then they make it to the cyclops cave where Annabeth uses her cap of invisability to trick the cyclops into letting Grover go.  They all escape but then must deal with the man eating sheep.  They make it out on seahorses.  The golden fleece does its job and brings the camp alive and Thalia.


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