Teen Craft Tuesdays: Bleach Party

Do you love to doodle?  Do you like to tie dye?  Are you just completely bored even though you’re only 3 weeks in to your summer vacation?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions we’d like to see you tomorrow for the Teen Craft Tuesday Bleach Party!  Get this:  We’re using bleach pens to “undye” our favorite doodles and designs on tank tops.  Yep!  It’s totally like tie dyeing in reverse.  And get this, too:  It’s free and all supplies will be provided.

We did this program last year and it’s very much worth repeating.  So, that’s why we’re repeating it!  Tomorrow.  Three o’clock.  Fairmount Library.  Bleach Party.

(One tank top per each teen will be provided.  If you have other attire you want to attack with the bleach pens bring it in!)

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