Special Summer Events for Teens

Check out the details on this summer’s Special Events for Teens:

Battle of the Bands–Fairmount Library Parking Lot on Thursday, June 24 @ 5 pm–Register now for our 5th Annual Teen Battle!  Click here for a registration form. 

Eclipse Party–Main St. Library on Monday, June 28th @ 5:30–Lots of games and prizes in honor of the Twilight Saga’s Eclipse movie release!  Even free movie passes and life-size cardboard cutouts of Jacob AND Edward to give away.  Gaaa!

Harry & the Potters–Eastern Avenue Library Grand Opening Event!  Saturday, July 10th.  The band takes the stage at 2 pm.  Don’t forget to check out the band’s rockin’ website.  Yay, yay, yay!  Harry & the Potters!

Karaoke Night & Partay!–Fairmount Library on Tuesday, July 20th (teen competition begins at 4 pm).  Sing your heart out and cheer on your friends!  Wooooot.

Wowie zowie.  Looks like lots of fun for all.  How can you not have a great summer at the library?!

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