The following piece is by one of our student clerk aides, Bethany.  It’s a great fit for April which just happens to be National Poetry Month.  Enjoy!

They walked home together….sometimes

                Almost never now.

They laughed all the time

                Never hear the sound now.

Best friends in school. Acted too cool. Now playing fools.

All ‘cause of the seed. The seed of the misconceived.

Grew up best friends…only kids.              

                Nobody else in their neighborhood.

He played the piano, she the harmonica

                Silence never understood.

Six to seven. Seven to eight. Nobody could negate.

Eight to nine to nine through ten. It seemed friendship wouldn’t end.

Eleven was the year…he moved

                Two states over.

Thirteen was the year… he came  back

                Innocence was over.

Junior high they met again. But they couldn’t mend or go back to ‘then.’

He was the cool kid. And she, she hid. Then started the fibs.

By fourteen there was hate…or fear.

                They couldn’t see eye to eye

By fifteen there were sneers.   

                No talking by and by.

Sixteen came to pass. There was a dash of a chance.

He came to her. She said sure, let’s try and have us be cured.

That was the blissful year…friendship    

                Once again came.

Went to dances, ignored the rumors.

                She wanted his name.

Memories of year thirteen..couldn’t bring truth or take away the sting.

Why’d he say that made her stray and go alone throughout her days?

Truth came out…finally

                It was painful.

She wouldn’t handle it…couldn’t.

                She wanted life dull.

What did he say?

Nobody knows, not even I.

But she couldn’t stay.

And only she can answer why.

If you have any poetic pieces of your own, send them our way.  We’d love to post them!