Jake’s Women

  So, you say there’s nothing to do in Iowa, especially the QCA. I’d have to say that you are very wrong. Are not you familiar with all our local theater’s? Jeez-lo-weeze.

 On that note, there is a wonderful play coming out next week that Scott Community College is putting on. It’s called Jake’s Women by Neil Simon; who is also the author for these famous plays/movies: The Odd Couple, and Barefoot in the Park. This play follows a man whose wife is leaving him as he tries to figure out what went wrong in his life. Jake is a writer who has make believe conversations with the ‘women’ in his life, such as his sister, daughter, dead wife, and psychiatrist,  Jake’s Women has much potential, and it’s also entertainment in the QC of A.

 Where? Scott Community College (door five)

 How much? $7 

 When? April 8-10, & April 15-17 

 What time? 7pm.

 Why? Because it’ll be a good time and also an excuse to hang out with that guy/girl you’ve been trying to date.  

 Hope to see you there!