Snow Way! First day of Spring…and we get snow!

Well maybe it’s a good thing we got snow today.  At least it’s not too late to feature this cold weather creative writing piece…

The Winter Dread (Part One)

A short story by Bethany

Emily loved winter. She couldn’t help it; born and raised in a town such as Davenport, Iowa made it so. Granted, many of her friends, who had also grown up in a town such as Davenport, Iowa, were not fans of winter. However, they were willing to do many activities with Emily.  In the past few years sledding, snowmen, snowball fights, and ice skating were among some of the traditions that Emily and her friends created for themselves. But this break Emily was out of luck; her pack of buddies was all out of town and she only had herself to be with. No siblings to speak of and parents were working full time all the time, and the TV just not being entertaining enough for her creating this mess. Thus started her winter depression.  

Two full weeks she had off of school, and, to her mind, nothing to do. So, the day after Christmas Emily decided to go for a walk, a long walk, a deep walk, a dreadful walk.  It was snowing and though she loved the snow her one and only desire was to see its end. But, she walked and walked and walked and walked. Her legs went numb, her fingers became weak and her ears and nose were hardly attached to her body. Even so, step by step she would put one foot in front of the other making sure that the path going nowhere would never end. The snow started falling down in mockery of Emily’s disposition, but she would not waver to something that had once been her dear friend. Then the wind decided to have its way at her and tied knots in her hair and tried over and over again to knock off her hat and pull at her gloves. The wind lost its game and Emily persisted in her pointless stroll.  Alas Emily would meet her true foe when at one moment she was up right and the next flat on her behind due to the ice. So, she sat.

Emily contemplated going back to her house, maybe making hot chocolate and watching a movie. But with whom and to what end? She sat looking ahead of her when it suddenly occurred to her; she had no idea where she was. Now, Davenport isn’t the biggest town one might know. But if Emily was only familiar with her side of town, and if her side of town wasn’t big, any other part of town would be a labyrinth to her. Panic itched at the small of her stomach while logic tried to scratch it away.  She shot right up and then became dizzy as the ground once again called for her company…