Meg Cabot! Twitter! Book! What?!

Those are like three of my favoritest things! Tomorrow (February 16, 2010), Meg Cabot will twitter the first line of a novel and then we other twitterers will twitter the rest! So interactive, super-collaborative!!!

-To read the story, you just need to go to the BBC Audiobooks America twitter page: @BBCAA

-To add to the story, you will need to have a twitter account. Click here to join! Then send your contribution to @BBCAA and end it with the #bbcawdio tag. For example: @BBCAA And then the zombies arrived wearing princess dresses. #bbcawdio

-And to REALLY get how the collaboration is happening, search twitter for the #bbcawdio tag and you’ll get to see everybody’s contributions and compare them to the ones that get chosen for the actual story. Crazy stuff!


Check out more details here at the BBC Audiobooks America page.

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