Get Your Game On Today!

You don’t have school today, right?  Good thing we’re still playin’ vidgames at Fairmount from 3-5 then, huh?!  Come check it out.  Plus, we recently totally (and legally) hacked our Wii.  So worth it!


And…I have sugar cookies for you…


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2 Responses to Get Your Game On Today!

  • Amber says:

    I know I am showing my gaming naivete, but what exactly are the benefits to a (legally) hacked Wii?

  • Christie says:

    Well, at the last Teen Tech Lab (thanks to the help of our IT guys) we covered just a few of the options found here:

    The teens were most excited that we now have access to newer games/demos and some old faves like Pac-Man. Cylindrical Tetris anyone? Yes, please. A few were also stoked to learn that they can set up their systems at home to act as DVD players.

    We just barely got started on all the awesome things one can do with a Wii. For instance, I TOTALLY want to try (the not-so-techie) number 85 on the above list of 100 cool things. (guess that makes big plans for me in 2010…)