It was a howlin’ good time!

Just one week ago the Fairmount library was full of dozens of teen Twilight Saga fans as they participated in our New Moon Party festivities.  Last year we held a Twilight party just prior to the movie release, this year we did the same for New Moon, and we’re already planning for next year’s Eclipse party which will be held before it’s theatrical debut in 2010.

Edward who??Our biggest dilemma for next year’s party is which life-size cardboard cutout to get.  I’ve heard a few rumblings that we must have a Jacob one.  We must.  The Edward cutout we had for this year seemed to be a GIANT hit.  He did a little crowd surfing during the party and we were all amazed by the frenzied screaming and grabbing that the fans displayed even over the cardboard Edward.  I can’t imagine the mania that ensues when Robert Pattinson is actually around.  Oh my.

And here are the DPL student pages spending a little quality time with their favorite cardboard vampire before we gave him away…Can we get a Jacob up in here?

Have you seen New Moon yet????  Or perhaps the correct question to pose is–How many times have you seen it???  Having yet to see it myself, I can only go on the reviews of friends and coworkers (most of them have seen it at least twice!) and I have yet to hear anything bad about it.  All agree that it is WAY better than the Twilight movie.  Yay to that news! 

So, if you’ve seen New Moon be sure to let us know how you liked it.  And, yes, we are accepting requests for life-size cardboard cutouts for next year…


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3 Responses to It was a howlin’ good time!

  • Amber says:

    My vote is for a life-size Charlie! or Jasper! or the whole Cullen family and the whole wolf pack!!!!! I’m getting pretty giddy….

    Totally liked the movie–especially the parts with the Volturi–Michael Sheen who plays Aro is AMAZING. Only thing I didn’t like? the ridiculous cliff-hanger that’s not really a cliffhanger ending.

  • Taylor says:

    My vote… Oh it’s so hard to decide! I would say probably Jacob or Jasper. And I still have to see the movie… I can’t wait to see it!!! =D

  • Christie says:

    I’m gonna have to vote for a cutout of Alice…but only if it’s a talking one. The stuff that Alice says always makes me laugh. Yep, one talking cardboard Alice please!