The Manga Cookbook

cute cute cuteThe plan for tomorrow night’s Anime Club is what we like to refer to as Food Night. This time around we’ll be featuring a couple of last year’s FN activities like the ramen noodle eating contest and we’ll most certainly have a chopsticks race of some sort.  New for this year, we’ll be making our own candy sushi, and showing off a few select dishes pulled from The Manga Cookbook.

manga cookbookThe Manga Cookbook, one of our newer YA non-fiction books, is full of great recipes and ideas for all the hungry manga lovers out there.  It even has instructional tidbits on how to properly use chopsticks, and set the table in a traditional Japanese fashion, not to mention a list of some the more uncommon ingredients and tips on where to find them. 

I’m wondering if Naruto Rolls go well with Ramune?  Guess there’s only one way to find out…

Tomorrow night.  5:30.  Fairmount Library.


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