Graphic Spotlight: Castle Waiting by Linda Medley


Castle Waiting by Linda Medley combines so many of my favorite things: Sleeping Beauty, a castle, a circus, funny creatures that act like British gentlemen and NUNS WITH BEARDS. I didn’t even know that nuns with beards were one of my favorite things until I read this book, but now nuns with beards are right at the top of the list with puppies. I don’t think I even have to tell you what the story is about–I’m THAT confident that I sold you on it by saying “nuns with beards.”

Okay, I will tell you a little bit what it is about: Sleeping Beauty has run off into the sunset with her Prince leaving behind her ladies-in-waiting to hang out in the castle. Soon odd guests begin to seek lodging in the castle, including a mysterious pregnant woman with the aura of a royal runaway, and share with each other their stories of love, loss, adventure, abuse, and facial hair.

So goodbye, Spice Girls–the nuns with beards are my new feminist icons.


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