Teen Volunteer Council Meets Tuesday!


Are you bored?

i am bored

How bored?

i am bored!

Yeah, that’s what I thought. 

You should come to the Teen Volunteer Council meeting on Tuesday night at the Fairmount St. Library.  It starts at 5:30, so call a friend and make plans now.  I guarantee you will have a good time.  Guarantee it.  How can I guarantee such a thing?  Well, for starters we’re not going to play RockPaperScissors.

paper beats rock

But, we are going to play NinjaPirateGorilla. 

Join us!

And if you’re trying to talk your parents into letting you attend tell them this:  The Library’s Teen Volunteer Council is composed of students in grades six through twelve, who help support the Library through fund-raising, programming, and special events. Participation on the Teen Volunteer Council encourages young adults to become involved in planning library activities of interest to them and to inspire an interest in reading for all area youth.  Through involvement with the Council, you will gain valuable experiences that will be useful to you now and in the future.  Plus, being a member of the Davenport Public Library’s Teen Volunteer Council looks great on resumes and college applications.

And I don’t wanna forget to mention this tidbit…We also play video games after the casual council meeting!  Uh-huh.


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