End of SRP Wrap Up

Xtreme Balloon Sculpting 001

Ah, ’tis the end of our SRP wrap up.  The last program we have to feature from this summer’s excitement is Xtreme Balloon Sculpting.  This program was actually surprisingly more fun than one might expect.  Each participant learned how to make a balloon sword and a balloon dog.  Then pretty much everyone just had balloon sword fights.  Don’t worry, none of the balloon dogs were harmed.  

Unfortunately, we were all so busy tying balloon knots and twisting out creations we only managed to take a few pics.

Xtreme Balloon Sculpting Xtreme Balloon Sculpting

Stay tuned to next week’s posts as we’ll begin to feature the upcoming regular teen programs as well as special events like Inside Outloud (an open mic poetry slam during Banned Books Week) and the 2nd Annual Anime Fest (to be held at the Figge Art Museum)…oh yeah.