Stick It To Ya!


Come on down…you’re the next contestant on Duct Tape Creations! 

Uh, what?? 

Today.  Fairmount Library.  3:00. 

Uh, what?? 

We’re making purses, wallets, beach bags, and whatever else you can think of out of colored duct tape. 


Uh, what??

It’s only one of our most bestest programs.  Promise.  We did it last year, too.

Uh, what??

And if we finish early we’re going to duct tape someone to the wall.  Maybe even you.

your mama



One Response to Stick It To Ya!

  • Sonja says:

    I love your duct tape creations, especially that pink and black checkered purse! My brother knows how to make duct tape wallets, and I think I want to learn how to make stuff out of duct tape, too. I can’t wait to make a colored duct tape purse!!