Come sail away….

Still thinking about boating but want to do something different?  hmm.  well, how about trying your hand at sailing?  and,  yes — Sailing really is a sport!!.

So, what do you need to sail?  mmm, water.  wind.  a boat.  what – no boat?  well, that is a problem!!  Do you don’t think you want to invest in an expensive sail boat until you decide if you really like it?  Don’t blame you.  Here’s what I’d do first — watch a few sailing movies.

I like White Squall with Jeff Bridges.  It’s based on a true story about a sailing prep school that has some …   well..   interesting things happen at sea.

Another sort of fun sailing movie is Captain Ron with Kurt Russell.  This is not based on a true story.  But it is pretty funny and takes place aboard a sailboat!!

Read a couple of books.    Maybe these:

Now — you’ve watched it, you’ve read about it …   how about you try it? Call up Lake Davenport Sailing Club to find out about lessons.   They supply the boats, the instructors, and you just need to show up and learn.   Well, after handing over a little green.

Then you can start thinking  about buying a boat……

—  angie

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One Response to Come sail away….

  • i am into sailing and i am also a diy fiberglass sailing boat enthusiasts for 5 years now. i really love sailing.:*-